School Stationery
Please find the stationery lists for 2018 below.

You can get your stationery from anywhere you like.
You can order online with Warehouse Stationery (click link  Ponsonby Primary School here to go straight to correct page) and they will deliver everything to your door! 
These back to school prices from Warehouse Stationery finish in February so make sure you order early!

Year 0 - click here - those children starting May 14th onwards
Year 1 - click here
Year 2 - click here

Year 3 - click here
Year 4 - click here
Rm 10 Year 3/4- click here

Year 5 - click here
Year 6 - click here

EHAS (Extending High Achieving Students)
Do not require extra stationery.

Warehouse Stationery
The closest store to Ponsonby Primary is on Victoria Street West or at Wagener Place Mega Centre, St Lukes            Ph:  0800 222 246