PAT Testing Weeks 3 - 4

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12 Feb 2019

Please note test papers go to Wellington for marking. It takes up to 15 days to get them back, so parents should have these at 3 way conferences. If we do a catch-up test you do not get the big reports from Wellington but we can give you the marks as we mark them at school.

PAT:Reading Comprehension assesses how well Year 4 to 10 students understand the text they are reading. Each test is organised around several extended pieces of writing which include stories, poems, reports and explanations.

PAT:Reading Vocabulary assesses Year 4 to 10 students’ ability to understand the words they read. Each question is based around a keyword that is embedded in a short sentence. Students are asked to choose a synonym that best represents the meaning of this word from a list of five possible alternatives.

PAT:Listening Comprehension measures Year 3 to 10 students' ability to understand spoken material. Students listen to a passage and then answer questions. It helps teachers detect children with poor listening skills and is also useful in identifying those children whose listening comprehension performance is significantly different from their ability to comprehend written material.

PAT:Mathematics covers number knowledge, number strategies, algebra, geometry and measurement, and statistics.