Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the following children for the month of June.

Brodie Neish 1st June

Isobel Carpenter 3rd June

Zane Oyagawa 6th June

Hugo Baker 6th June

Jaimie Webb 7th June

Tagore Shah 8th June

Barnaby Waring 8th June

Billie Brooker 8th June

Archie Dayal 9th June

Edie Crysell 10th June

Rio Curtice 11th June

Valentina Pook 11th June

Olivia Abbott 12th June

Michael Rahman 12th June

Hunter Anderson 13th June

Bruno Krzeczkowski 13th June

Karishma Sharma-Barrow 18th June

Jonas Rodgers 19th June

Sophia Bartlett 19th June

Alice Hoskin 20th June

Maxim Young 20th June

Leon Krzeczkowski 22nd June

Hazel Fox 22nd June

Audrey Moore 24th June

Freddie Fleet 24th June

Harry Shanks 26th June

Cooper Frain 28th June

Minnie Leys 29th June

Bessie Leys 29th June

Harley Slee 27th June





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