ICAS Testing 

These exams are only for children who are in Years  4 - 6. These exams are optional and not compulsory.  The tests are Australian based which focuses on children's higher order thinking skills and are [...]

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April Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following children for April   April  Madison Ashworth Y4 Rm11 4/1/2013 D'Arcy Erson Y3 Rm03 4/1/2014 Boris Beachman Y6 Rm09 4/2/2010 Ali Makame Y5 Rm06 4/2/2012 Cleo Greene Y3 Rm01 4/2/2014 [...]

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Community News

  School holiday tennis programme April 2021 & 8 week course new   We would like to thank Joe Telford from Bayleys Ponsonby for their ongoing support of Ponsonby Primary School. From donating basketball singlets [...]

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