Lunch Orders

The school has 2 schemes operating this year beginning Monday 7th February.

  • Option 1 Every day of the week - SUBWAY see following information re ordering.
  • Option 2 EZ Lunch (available on line) - See below for more information about ordering on line                                  
  • PITA PIT available Fridays only through EZ Lunch

Option 1 SUBWAY

Ponsonby Primary School in conjunction with Subway Ponsonby is offering the Subway programme every day

The Subway school lunch can consist of any of the following:

  • One Subway “Sub”, a freshly baked roll filled with fresh meat and salads of your choice (deli or 6 inch)
  • Or a pack which includes a sandwich, cookie & drink

Simply collect a pre printed subway envelope from the school office and complete the form on the front of the envelope-see the form below as a sample of what the envelope will look like, then drop the envelope and money into the Subway Ponsonby Lunch Box in the office by 9am on ordering day.

Subway Order Form

Option 2 EZLUNCH (Available every day of the week - Pita Pit available Fridays only)

Ezlunch brings you a great variety of fresh food, from Go Deli, Constellation Drive, with the convenience of ordering online or by TXT. The menu is available every day at

QUICK… Lunches can be ordered, in less than 1 minute, from home or by TXTing 022EZLUNCH with your personalised favourite combo code.
CONVENIENT… No cash required. Order at any time, even up to 9am on the day.
AFFORDABLE… give your kids a full healthy lunch for the price of a coffee & cake.

Join ezlunch today to place an order

For questions or comments you can email the ezlunch Helpdesk or call from 8am-4pm on 475 5287, term time.