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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the Ponsonby Primary School Website. It is the belief of our learning community that we are all here, teachers, parents and students to enrich children’s learning. It is the close co-operation between parents and teachers that ensures quality educational experiences for our students. The school’s core business is children’s learning. We hold the belief that every child will be provided with opportunities to achieve success and develop their personal pride. Our learning community values the culture of this school, where high quality learning and success, are encouraged.

Our programmes are structured to cater for the needs of each individual, so that they may develop to their full potential. Our aim is to deliver to pupils, rich and wide-ranging programmes. From this curriculum children will acquire knowledge, learn skills and form attitudes, which will help their development, now and in the future.

Our goal is to provide a school environment where pupils are secure, happy, co-operative and industrious. To provide a learning environment where individual strengths, weaknesses and differences are catered for within the educational programmes. Each pupil is expected to do his or her best in whatever is undertaken.

“Ponsonby Primary is a school where teachers talk with children, not at them. It is like a country school in the city; everyone contributes.”

With your support and encouragement we aim to maintain the highest possible teaching and learning standards and continue working to make our school an energetic and exciting place for your children.

Sanjay Rama