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Dear Families/Whanau, What a great weekend for Aucklanders  last weekend as the Auckland Blues were victorious over the Highlanders, go the Blues!  Yesterday we held the Central Auckland Chess competition at our school with four [...]

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Basketball – Term 3

All students from Year 3-6 that are interested in playing basketball have been given notices to take home and return. Years 4-6 (North Harbour) I have most back - thank you. Years 3-4 (Bay City [...]

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Sibling Enrolments

If you have a younger sibling of a current student at Ponsonby Primary that is turning 5 this year or next year and you live in zone and you wish to enrol them, could you please [...]

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Costume Committee

Dear all parents who volunteered to be on costume committees, Once again thank you so much for offering to help and coming to our first meeting. If you have not heard from the Show Team, your notice may [...]

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June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the children who have their birthday in June Isobel Carpenter Rm06 6/3/2011 Zane Oyagawa Rm02 6/6/2012 Hugo Baker Rm02 6/6/2012 Billie Brooker Rm18 6/7/2015 Barnaby Waring Rm20 6/8/2015 Archie Dayal Rm16 6/9/2014 [...]

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ICAS Testing 

These exams are only for children who are in Years  4 - 6. These exams are optional and not compulsory.  The tests are Australian based which focuses on children's higher order thinking skills and are [...]

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Community News

_________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ ‘FEEL THE BEAT’ WITH MUSICAL JAM! MUSICAL JAM is an instrumental prep course for Years 1 & 2, where students learn the fundamentals of music through singing and movement in [...]

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