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Important message for Ponsonby Primary Parents

School will be closed for the next 4 weeks and then the situation will be reassessed. We will keep you posted on updates from the Minitstry of Education.

School holidays will start early, from 30th March to the 14th of April inclusive. During the ‘holiday break’, we will be refining and tweaking our e-learning options for Term 2.  Online Learning platforms will run until Friday the 27th of March to finish the current school term, then will start again in Term Two on the 15th of April. We will provide you with more details in future updates but in the meantime the Ministry have constructed a Learning from Home website – it is basic and has been put together quickly, but will give some guidance.

Student led conferences will be postponed until further notice.

Please refer to emails from The Principal and your childs teacher to give you info on our learning at home program and any important messages that you may need.

Best wishes and stay safe.

PPS Teachers



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