Intervention at Ponsonby Primary

At Ponsonby Primary we have Susan Robins who is our Special Needs Coordinator. (Our SENco) This means  learners, families and whanau have someone they can rely on who has information and knowledge about our children’s learning needs and who will coordinate support when or if they need it.

Identified children are deemed to have three pathways

  • Pathway One

  • Ponsonby Primary Intervention Register

  • These children are selected as they are below or just at New Zealand curriculum expectations.

  • Children that are on the Intervention Register pathway are monitored and appropriate interventions are offered.

  • Our Senco (Susan Robins) would always talk to the families as soon as the child has been identified as requiring extra support.

  • Children stay on the register until they are secure at the  New Zealand curriculum expectations.

  • Pathway Two

  • RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour)

  • We access the RTLB service when we have exhausted our own intervention programmes and feel that we need specialised help for a particular child.

  • This intervention may sometimes be the catalyst that deems a child moves to our Individual Education Programme.
  • Pathway Three

  • IEP (Individual Education Programmes)

  • Children are selected when barriers to learning have been identified.

  • We develop plans to implement  how the school programme will be adapted to fit the student.

  • The plan brings together knowledge and contributions from those who best know the student, including outside agencies.

  • The plan includes succinct priority goals and these plans are regularly updated according to needs.

At Ponsonby Primary we strive

To manage emerging issues at the earliest opportunity  |  To offer tailored support for a range of learners  |  Build an inclusive, flexible response to children’s needs