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Enrolment, Frequently Asked Questions

The school has an enrolment zone and scheme to manage school enrolment to prevent overcrowding. Children living within the designated geographic boundaries of the school are accepted off right.

Complete the applicable out of zone ballot request form and send it via scanned email or post to the school office.

To see a full list of in-zone streets click the link

Please complete the in zone enrolment form and send it via scanned email to khobday@ponsprim.school.nz or deliver to the office in person.

Proof that this is the permanent residential address.  If renting, a long term rental agreement and statutory agreement that it is the intention of the family to be in the zone longer than 6 months. Otherwise a utility bill or rates notice that identifies the address and name of occupier should be attached to the pre-enrolment form that includes a statutory declaration

4 years of age is great for the school forward planning.