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Parent Contributions, School Donations

School Donations:  What your donation means to our school?

We could persuade you of the many inequities of government funding. We could describe how the school’s ‘Operating Grant’ cannot meet our outgoings for essential services.   There is no doubt, that the discrepancies between actual funding and actual spending are getting wider. 3 major government reviews state high decile schools are underfunded. The reality is we get $439,749 less than a decile 1 school of the same size. If the government gives, as they suggest, every school $150 per student instead of schools asking for a parent donation, the shortfall will still be $400,000+. Our suggested donation raises $193,000 which is substantially less than other school’s funding. We know equity funding is important but the gap to meet basic learning is getting larger.

It is the little things that matter; matter to your child; matter to us as professionals and matter to our community. 2021, we want to provide your child/ren with maximum educational opportunities. We rely on your parent donations to support meeting our learner’s needs. The annual donations made by you, pay for our teacher aides, part time teachers, ancillary staff and the learning resources that are so important. Again, the reality is, we receive funding for half of one teacher aide’s salary. We employ 5 teacher aides, which equates to 80% of the total parent donation we currently receive.

We do two major fundraisers with our PPSG each year and those funds we use to buy playgrounds, sound systems, technology. Our fundraising activities sit outside what is funded by parent donations.

We give in advance a heartfelt thanks, to you for supporting your school.

All donations are tax deductible. Receipts get sent home with the children. We have not increased the costs for 2021.

Kindest regards,

Sanjay Rama(Principal), Susan Robins (D.P.), Francis Naera (D.P) and the Board of Trustees.

Extra Curricular Activity Cost

As part of the school donation this year the extra-curricular activity cost has been included as part of the suggested school donation.   However, if you choose
to not pay the school donation then there is a $50.00 compulsory fee to be paid by the end of term one.  We can send an invoice for this if requested.

Description – per child fee payable in Term 1 Amount
Mathletics $20.00
student extra curricular activity costs  |  eg cooking, clay, garden to table etc $30.00
Total per student $50.00

Suggested Contribution and Fee Amounts

  • Option 1 Full year contribution suggested amount. (Note per child discount for more than 1 child) Includes $50 Extra Curricular Activity Fee.
  • Option 2 Term by term contribution option Includes $50 Extra Curricular Activity Fee
  • Option 3 Weekly direct payment to school account 12-3019-0472255-00 Calculated over whole school year 45 weeks including holidays but please finish payment 20thDecember. Use child’s full name & word donation as reference please. Includes $50.00 Extra Curricular Activity Fee.

A reminder to you, our wonderfully supportive families, that we see these as the minimum amounts needed to subsidies government funding.

Number of Children in the Family Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
1 Child $560.00 $140.00 per term $12.45 per week
2 Children $1010.00 $252.50 per term $22.45 per week
3 Children $1350.00 $337.00 per term $30.00 per week

How to Pay

We encourage you to pay your school donation through the school website payment option however you can pay your school contribution the following ways.

School Website

Note: This is the same account you use to order ezi lunch and make payments for school trips etc throughout the year.

  • Click on the blue school payments button on the front page to be taken to the payment page.

  • Log in with your details (If you do not have an account it will not take long to create one) then you can choose your child

  • Choose the payment to make

  • Pay with your credit/debit card

Payment through internet banking

Please feel free to make any payments direct to the school bank account
Our ASB bank account number is 12-3019-0472255-00
Ensure you put your child’s name and reason for payment.
E.g. Mary Smith Donation $560 on payee details